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Why sign up with ContractAppraisers.com?

As a certified residential appraiser, I was often asked by my clients to manage the task of finding an appraiser to complete an assignment in areas other than what I personally covered. While I wanted to keep my clients happy, I did not want to give away my direct contact with the client by just referring the job to someone I didn't know - I wanted to be able to control the process. I wanted to make sure my client was getting a good job and a reasonable turnaround time, and I wanted to keep my first-person relationship with the client. And if possible, to make a few dollars for facilitating the deal!

Making random phone calls was time consuming, with many appraisers suspicious of your reason for calling and not overly interested in subcontracting. Some wanted cash up front, while I wanted to pay upon delivery, or better yet monthly. This trial and error approach finally gave me an idea that it would be better to already know who was willing to subcontract work, what they typically charged, how they preferred to be paid, and what their typical turnaround time was like. ContractAppraisers.com was born!

However, I was never a big fan of all the appraisal websites that want to charge you to sign up for FHA appraisals, reverse mortgage appraisals, USDA appraisals, relocation appraisals, etc, not to mention the dozens of sites that promise to send you business -- and even more if you become a "premier" member (for more money, of course). So this site is entirely ad supported, and as long as it breaks even it will continue to be free!

This site is easy to use. If you don't mind taking subcontract work, or are interested in using subcontractors, click on the "Sign Up" button and follow the instructions. Once you are a member, you can log on to search for subcontractors or be contacted to do subcontract work.
And of course, there is no charge to sign up, no "upsell" charges, and nothing else to buy. And I will never sell your information to marketers. 

This is just another place for you to get your name in front of potential business, so sign up today!

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